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A tool to empower everyone's abilities in group collaboration.

Client: SMART Technology

Role: UX&UI Designer, Associate Researcher

Collaborators: Chris Jung, Jackie Chiu, Polina Charter 

Date: May. 2015- August 

System Overview

Problem Definition


In the context of group collaboration, enable all the group member's abilities and power help the group to maximize the learning outcome. But for introverted students, they need time and space to think alone in order to generate most ideas. In this case, how to empower all the group members generating and sharing ideas became an important question in the collaborative learning environment.

"Being in a group setting puts more pressure on me to generate ideas quickly knowing others are expecting it."

                                      -- An undergraduate student from University of Washington



Cumulus is a group brainstorming tool that helps all the group members (especially introverted students) to maximize their ideas in group collaboration. By providing an environment which combines individual thinking, pre-discussion note taking, and group discussing platforms, Cumulus gives all the group members an equal environment to share their ideas

Highlighted Process




It's a new way for group brainstorming.

In Cumulus, we encourage the combination of divergence thinking and convergence thinking, which works great for both introverted and extroverted students in groups.

We are here to introduce Cumulus to you :)

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