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Empire Z (2.0): RPG Mobile Game Design

Ember Entertainment, Empire Z team

Client: Ember Entertainment

Role: UX&UI Designer

Collaborators: Empire Z team at Ember

Time period: 10 month  

Release date: Mar.9.2017

Problem Definition


As the game Empire Z has been released for 2 more years, it has achieved a big success. But currently, the trend is showing that the game is losing players - the amount of daily active users is decreasing, and also has been hard to attract new players. There are competitors in the market which have similar game mechanics, which is a big threat to Empire Z.


So the goal at the current stage is how to make the least effort to get the greatest player’s retention, and make Empire Z success again.

Empire Z 1.0 Screenshot - Overworld Alliance


By building a new game mechanic inside the current game, we'll make this multidimensional game with more layer and more playable for players and differentiate the game with other competitors. In Empire Z's current theme (zombie, overworld, city, etc), Combat Dungeon would be the best direction.


Not many competitors have this feature in RPG games, and it’ll be using a different mechanics so it would be more fun for players to play with. This feature gonna make the game’s core more intense and playable.

Stages taken to achieve the goal





Dungeon System Overview

Users access dungeons through main cities on map. Depends on his level, they can access different tiers.

In this screen, player could put gears on leaders, which will increase their stats and bring extra skills into the dungeon combat.

Leaders could died during the combat, but players will be able to use rations and first aid to bring them back to battle.

By clicking the explore button, users will be directed to the dungeon preview screen to choose the hard level.

The combat is like tradition RPG games, it attacks by turns. Leaders are at the bottom row. And enemies are in the melee and ranged row.

It gonna has 3-5 turns for each encounter, and 3-7 encounters for each stage. Players will get reward after each stage.

After clicked the loadout button, users could place their favorite human leaders to slots for dungeon march.

Clicking on the leader's portrait will opens a popup of detailed info. Including the stats, skills, gears, buffs, etc.

In the inventory screen, players will be able to salvage or repair broken/damaged gear. They can manage their gears through inventory.

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