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Trash Monster: Help trashes go to the right bin

Game app design / Team project / 2 Weeks

  About the Project


This project is focusing on problem solving ability and ideation process. The final deliverable of this project are high fidility interface, user experience analysis, and a bunch of ideas and storyboards. 

  My Role and Strength


In this project, my responsibilities are ideation, sketching the user experience, making high fidility storyboard, and take charge of all the visual design responsibilities.

  Concept Description


This idea comes from an existing problem in University campus which is some students are not aware of the difference of wastes. Sometimes students just throw their wastes into wrong bins and went away. This is a huge problem and has significant impact in environmental protection and recycling.


Based on Garbology 2014 TrashSortPoster study, “We found that the average trash bin contained 12% trash, the rest was contamination which could have been recycled or composted.” Our idea is focusing on helping students learn how to sort wastes correctly by gaming and unconscious learning.


  User Experience Map


The experince map helped us better understanding the flow of students how they experince the decision making process, how they deal with their waste and how can we come up a solution to solve the problem.



The storyboards convey the ideas of potential solutions. We came up 12 ideas as total, these two are the highlight solutions we chose to continue.

  First Version of Visual Design



  Second Version of Visual Design





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