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Shopee New User Experience Redesign

Design By Necklace Zhang

Aug, 2021

Time Spent: 1.5 day

The goal for this redesign is to improve the rate of new user retention by increasing trust between Shopee and new users. (It is also a Design Test assigned by the Shopee hiring team.) 



Why choosing "New User Zone" as the feature in App to optimize? I got 2 reasons.

1 ) The "New User Zone" is one of the most important user journeys in the app. While the new users came to the app, they may have no idea how to utilize it or how to take benefit of it. The goal for this feature is to give some small benefits to new users and help them go through the entire flow of online shopping in Shopee, which could improve their stickiness with the app. 

2) To be honest, I'm a new user of Shopee, so it could be easier for me to build empathy about how new users think and behave. It's like exactly wearing users' shoes while designing the experience for them.

Defining the Problem

After playing the app, I've found some problems with the "New User Zone" feature on the landing page.

1) The efficiency of this module on the page was low. It takes a huge space on the first view, but the info it delivers wasn't that efficient.

2) It was separated into 2 parts which feels like leads to diffenert destinations, but actually not.

3) Most new users would not like to define/call themselves "new users" which feels a bit cold and distanced, they would rather see their names or other info related to them.

Group 3704.png

As a new user, there are more miserable functions for me in the "Welcome Page"

1) The process bar at the bottom of the page never could get filled.

2) It's not clearly described only one item would be added to the cart at once.

3) Some of the action buttons a "Get Now" and some are "Add to Cart"

Group 3723.png

With all these problems in mind, I came up with the design question 

Group 3722.png

* 0 cost” here means the free gifts and vouchers for new users to claim

Secondary Research


Part1: The characteristics of users' shopping behavior in SouthAsia

👩🏻‍🦰 Rejuvenation: The market is full of vitality, and on-site consumption is typical for the young people.

💻 Love the Internet: Internet users spend an average of 4 hours a day on the mobile terminal, especially Thais spend 5 hours a day, and about 1.5 hours in Germany, Asia, Japan, such a long time on the mobile terminal. Users regard the Internet as a habit, and its purpose is not strong.

📱 Transformation: I love to use social software such as Facebook and Instagram, and it is easy to be influenced by the KOLs of social software.

Part2: Gender characteristic

E-commerce users in Southeast Asia are mostly female (more than 50%), with the characteristics of long average daily online time, high social demand, and high KOL influence. Therefore, the optimization of user evaluation function points needs to be combined with the characteristics of users. 

Competitive Product Analysis

I picked the similar function in Lazada, and found some highlights in it which could be applied in Shopee.

Group 3733.png

User Experience Map

Group 3767.png

After drawing this experience map, I found some key step which affects most about the first-time user experience.

1) Attract: The info displayed on the popup and landing page should be clear and attractive

2) Action: The call to action button should be clearly presented

3) Browse: The terms should be easy to understand, and the number of items/vouchers shouldn't be too much which takes effort to make choices.

4) Check-out: The check-out steps should be easy and seamless.

Design Solution


Thanks for watching

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