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My Design Belief

I believe all of us has "missions" to do when we first came to the world.

My mission, as a UX designer, is to help companies and individuals solve complex problems with my DESIGNER INTUITIONS.


These are part of the company/organizations I've worked with - 


Most Recent Works

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in June 2018, I joined 得到APP as a UX designer. This was my first time working for a local Chinese company. I was very curious about how it works, and what's different between the U.S and Chinese designers in daily work. With passionate and curiosities, I joined the design team in 得到APP and accomplished several projects...


Scribblenauts Fighting Words

This is an RPG Word Puzzle Game, with the visual feedback of classic Arcade games created by 5thCell.  The goal was to produce a simple game, which is incredibly well executed, with the primary goal of continually stimulating the player with positive feedback.


I played a UX designer in the team, and also a UI artist who drew the cute UI elements :)



Cumulus is a group brainstorming tool that helps all the group members (especially introverted students) to maximize their ideas in group collaboration.


This was the capstone project in my master program. 


Empire Z

Empire Z is an MMO&RPG game which is launched by Ember Entertainment. The goal for this project is by creating brand new gameplay inside the current game, to gain user's retention and increase the number of daily active user.


Magikolor is an interactive drawing system includes physical and digital parts to help people to build their "Drawing Confidence". This is the project that I'm most proud of, as drawing is always my favorite thing to do, I hope this tool could help more people get the benefit of drawing, and fall in love with it.


This project has collaborated with Premera to design a better system for patients finding the best-fit doctors. By doing research and brainstorming ideas, we finally came up with a very efficient idea to solve this problem. Click to check it out -

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